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1962 - Vilnius Library branch of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute
1969 - Library of Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute
1990 - Library of Vilnius Technical University
1996 - Library of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
1997 - member of Lithuanian Academic Libraries Association
2000 - moved to the new library premises in Saulėtekio av.
2001 - member of Lithuanian Research Library Consortium
2002 - member of International Association of Technological Universities Libraries
2010 - member of Consortium of the Lithuanian Academic Libraries for the Maintenance and Development of an Information Infrastructure for Scientific and Studies
Since 1998 Lithuanian Academic Libraries Network
Since 2004 Lithuanian thesis & dissertations
2005-2008 Virtual Library in Lithuania and full-text documents database amassment
Since 2007 Virtual University in Lithuania 2007-2012
Since 2008 library project Information Bridge: Library-University-Student
Since 2009 eMoDB.LT: Electronic scientific databases opening up to Lithuania
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