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IEEE Xplore webinar

IEEE Xplore webinar
We invite you to IEEE online webex training for your students and researchers on 8th November, 4 p.m.
Eszter Lukács IEEE Client Services Manager will be presenting following topics:
2 p.m Techniques for effective research with IEEE Xplore (45 minutes)
Search like a professional with this overview of best practices for maximizing features of IEEE Xplore, covering advanced search techniques, setting up alerts, downloading equations, finding patent citations, and much more.
To join the training session go to >>>
3 p.m. How to get published with the IEEE (90 minutes)
Increase the visibility of your research and build author credibility by publishing in a leading IEEE journal or conference. Learn how to identify the best journal or conference for your work and navigate the IEEE paper submission and peer review process. Review the required elements and proper structure of a manuscript to avoid reasons why papers may be rejected.
To join the training session go to >>>
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