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1. Choose the database from the list in which you want to search.  Connecting to the VGTU network via VPN, the library created databases and subscribed databases are available from home computer.  Instructions for VPN installation >>>
2. Choose one of the ways to search:
  • Quick Search / Basic Search
In to the database's search box enter the words – press Search/ Go/ Find
  • Advanced Search
Choose the terms of the article where have to be searched words or phrases (keyword, author, title, abstract, subject and etc.).
3. Search you can choose publication date, journal name, theme, article type (peer-reviewed, full text, with images)
Word phrases can be written in quotes and usage symbols (More about symbols using you have to select DB Help). You may use the Boolean operators AND and OR, NOT in your search:
AND  – the records containing ALL of the search terms used (economic AND analysis);
AND NOT  –   retrieves records containing one term and EXCLUDES records containing an unwanted term (economic AND NOT analysis);
OR – retrieves records containing ANY of the search terms used (economic OR analysis).
4. Browse
Use varied indexes to register and numbers of subscribed databases viewing.  Colour icons show article access position: accessible or inaccessible.
5. CrossRef Search
Some of the databases have an opportunity to search online references. Write key words and click Search.
6. Results Preview
A rezult list can be presented as this forms:
  • References
  • Full Text HTML
  • Full-Text PDF
7. Articles forwarding, storage, printing
  • To save or print the articles in HTML format, use commands of internet supervisory programs menu. For printing use to File -> Print. For storage use to File->Save as, format (.html., .txt)
  • To save file as PDF format, use to Acrobat Reader
  • E-mail articles - to send articles by email
8. My Settings/ My Profile
Save the search, create journal list and search, save request, create and change new item Alert (subscribe journal news by e-mail, articles displays), edit personal information.  To create My Profile you have to register.
9. To begin  new search -> New Search, and search -> Exit.
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