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The search of 60 million patent documents

New 5-th Espacenet version, as well as the previous one, presents the patent search service.
Espacenet provides free access to more than 60 million patent documents from around the world, containing all the technical achievements from 1836 to present.

In Espacenet ideas database can be found:
• more than 60 million patent documents from around the world including most – the patent application, not only issued patents;
• documents – analogs, which inform about the fact that patent protection of its counterpart of the invention have been asked in other countries;
• information about the legal status of the invention allows understanding if an invention is valid and in what countries;
• unpatented literature bibliography.

Espacenet can be used to:
• track emerging technologies;
• find solutions to technical problems;
• find out competitors work.
More than 8 Million USA patents and trademarks. Since 2012 are accessible Europian patents.
All patents since 1790. There is about 10 million patent with different possibilities of analyses. Possibility to read full-text documents.
Data about effective and expanded Europian patents in the Lithuanian Republic, changes of law in patents.
Described request of patents since 2011.  There are given descriptions of patents by the Lithuanian Republic acts.
25 world patents are available to 9 languages. Varied in forms search possibilities.
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