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Pylimo str. 26/1, 1.10
Telephone: (8-5) 274 50 61

Open stock: 10 552 copies:
• literature on architecture;
• Lithuanian and foreign countries periodicals, daily papers.

There are  67 working places. 4 – computerized with MATLAB, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, SolidWorks and other software. More software
You can use wireless internet EDUROAM.
Architecture Faculty Reading Room provides document scanning services for free. Library reminds that by scanning documents you have to be aware of copyright rules >>>
Workroom - for individual work or small groups (3-4 people). 

Please fill special forms if you want to reserve the ARS room >>>
Publications from open stock can be borrowed without ordering for 1 week.

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday 900 a.m. – 900 p.m.
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