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Open access (OA) refers to online research outputs that are free of all restrictions on access and free of many restrictions on use. Open access can be applied to all forms of published research output, including peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed academic journal articles, conference papers, theses, book chapters, and monographs. The development of open access provides the opportunity to disseminate the results of research to ensure their visibility in the world and give to the members of academic community better access to world science resources. Open access to scientific publications is ensured through open access journals, archives, and repositories.
The Golden open access model - where scientific papers are published in open access journals. Usually, publishing expenses are covered by the authors themselves, their sponsoring organizations or other sources, and users are free to use online information.
The Green open access model -  when the author uploads an article that has already been published or has not yet been published to the open access scientific information repository immediately after the publication or after the specified period of embargo.
What is open access?
Why is open access important?
How to promote open access?
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