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Readers can order publications not available in our library from other Lithuanian or foreign libraries.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) – a service that provides the possibility to order publications from other Lithuanian libraries through the mediation of one library.

International Interlibrary Loan (ILL) – a service that provides the possibility for one state library use the stock of another state library.

Document ordering:
• the reader must provide an exact bibliographic description of the article or publication;
• the last copy or only publication in the library is not for loan;
• a lending library set the terms of return;
• the processing time is at least 1-2 days for ILL and at least 1 month for ILL (if the publication is loaned to another library the processing time may be longer);
• we will call you or e-mail about received publications.
You can order book or article via special form >>>
• placing an order doesn’t guarantee that one will receive the book/document;
• the library doesn’t borrow encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus;
• periodical publications are not for lent. It is possible to order article copies;
• sent orders cannot be canceled;
• the postage and all extra fees must be paid by the reader;
• the reader must pay the fine for damaged or lost books which determines the library-lender.
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