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Readers can search and order publications via the VGTU Library’s electronic catalog. It's possible to review covers and contents of most books. Only members of the VGTU community can order and borrow publications at home.
Rules of Using the VGTU Library define the order of the reader’s service. The following persons can be registered as Library users:
  • The visitors, who present a valid Lithuanian student’s card (LSP), identity document.
  • Foreign students, who are on an exchange or another program, can use the library free of charge.
Ordered books are borrowed in the Lending and Storage Department (Sauletekio al. 14). Possibility to use the self-service system. Publications from open stock can be borrowed without ordering for 1 month or 1 week. Publications, including manuals, are allowed to be kept by students for 1 week, month or semester. The documents can be renewed via phone (8-5) 274 49 00 or via e-mail, or online connecting to library e-catalog.
During weekdays readers can give books back in the Lending and Storage Department or in the book return device at the entrance of Central library at any time.
Remember: be attentive and return books in time! Users, who fail to return a book, may be fined (the fine goes every day to every taken book).
• 0,07 EUR if a book was given for one semester;
• 0,14 EUR if a book was given for a shorter time than one semester.
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