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VGTU Science Publications

One of the most important developing database is VGTU Science Publications
There are about 32 000 publications. Publications are only with VGTU affiliations and coauthors from other institutions. Descriptions of publications are: monographs, textbooks, articles, conference proceedings, patents and others. Publications are related with the university staff and students database.
Publications registration
From 2017.02.01 publications by VGTU will be register on Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa) system.
  • Click Deposit to eLABa 
  • From list of institutions pick out Vilnius Gediminas Technical University 
  • Click New document and fill information
  • Transfer to Library employee for approval
Staff of library fulfil register VGTU Publish house "Technika" publications.
Authors or authorized persons must register other publisher's publications.
Statistical reports and bibliographic lists
Library staff,  departments of University have possibility to receive statistics and bibliographic lists.
Researchers must use these lists to providing documents to the annual or extraordinary certification.
LABT PDB reporting subsystem provided the University bibliographic lists of publications and statistics. Researchers must use these lists to providing documents to the Annual and Extraordinary certification, competition positions of academic titles and provide other procedures carried out at the University, where a list of publications.
For more information please contact to Scientific Information Department,
Saulėtekio ave. 14, 206, telephone (8-5) 27 44 903 (local 9903), e-mail.:
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